Halddetoppen Northern Light Observatory; 907m above sea level

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The hike starts from Gargia Lodge and we have to drive with car approx 30 minutes before reaching the starting point for the trail that will lead us up to Haldde. The first part of the trail approx 3 km goes through birch forests and as we get higher the view over the Altafjord gets better. The fjord from where the trail starts is called Kåfjorden and during the 2WW the big battle ship Tirpitz was anchored up in this fjord. During the hike we will take short breaks to refill with energy and water. After around 300 height meters we pas the tree line and in front of us we can see the mountain of Haldde rising around 907 meters above sea level. The trail we are following was made around 100 years ago as Haldde played an important role in the research about the Northern Lights and the observatory was in use until 1926. On our way we will see remaining of old copper mines as the area was very rich in copper. The last part up to the Haldde is the steepest one as we zig zag our way up to Haldde. It is demanding but on the summit if weather conditions are good you will be rewarded with a great view over the Altafjord and surroundings. On the summit we take a break, enjoy our lunch and hot beverage before returning back to Alta and Gargia.

June 20th - Oct. 20th
1295 NOK per person
2 - 7 persons
10:00 - 17/18:00
Duration: 7 - 8 hours
17,7 km
Minimum age: 
Hiking boots and suitable clothes
Hard difficulty