Hiking tour to Sautso Canyon; Northern Europes largest canyon

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This is a full day guided tracking tour with pack dogs, vaste plains and great views. The tour starts just above the tree line on Bæskades mountain plateau. The trail is easy going and follows the gentle waves of the landscape. Two small rivers have to be crossed before we approach the edge of the spectacular Sautso Canyon. From the viewing point you have a spectacular view over the canyon and Alta River. Over a hundred meters below you, you can hear the roaring of Gabofossen/ Gabo-rapids. We take a rest around the bonfire and enjoy some hot beverage and lunch. After lunch and a short break we head back across the plateau in our old tracks. On our way back we take our time to study the wildlife and sometimes we can see small herds of reindeers grazing in this area during the summer. Maybe we can see the white reindeer which is special for the Sami people and they name it Gabba (the white reindeer).

Price includes: Lunch, local guide and pack dog/dogs

June 20th - Oct. 20th
995 NOK per person
2 - 10 persons
10:00 - 15/16:00
Duration: 5 - 6 hours
14 km
Minimum age: 
Hiking boots and suitable clothes
Medium difficulty